Mikveh at New Hyde Park


After many years of hard work, our community’s long awaited  mikveh is complete. An emotional dedication ceremony took place on April 14, 2013, attended by some 300 people, all excited to be part of the most historic event in our shul and community’s 50+ year existence.

The mikveh is being dedicated in memory of the parents of Founding Rabbi Meir and Rebbetzin Chaviva Bilitzky. It is also dedicated to Isadore Appel, father of Stuart Appel, former member and past President of the Young Israel of New Hyde Park.

Women who need to schedule an appointment to use the mikveh may contact the shul office at 718-343-0496 and follow the instructions on the voice mail. 

Davening Times

Weekday Times 1/7 - 1/13
   Shacharit-Su 8:10 am
   Shacharit - MTh 6:10 am
   Shacharit - TuWF 6:15 am
   Mincha/Maariv 4:30 pm
Shabbat Times
   Candle Lighting 4:31 pm
   Friday Mincha 4:35 pm
   Shacharit 8:45 am
   Latest Shema 9:05/9:41 am
   Mincha 4:25 pm
   Shabbat Ends 5:35 pm

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