Bikkur Cholim

For more than 50 years, the Young Israel of New Hyde Park has opened its hearts to families who need a home-away-from-home while they visit their loved ones on Shabbat and Yom Tov.

For the Bikur Cholim apartment, call Michael Katz at (718) 347-6470.

For parents of children at Cohen's Children's Hospital, please talk to the social worker in the hospital and request a "Sabbath friendly" room at the Ronald McDonald House located next door to the hospital.

A Bikur Cholim Room is located in the basement of Cohen's Children's Hospital, just outside the cafeteria. The contact for the room is Naftulie Brach at 917-922-7981.

There is also a kosher food area within the Cohen cafeteria. (Note that the cafeteria otherwise is not kosher.)

Green Olive kosher pizza store, under the supervision of the Vaad of Queens, is located two blocks from the hospital at 271-11 Union Turnpike 718-962-2365.

Families with sick children may wish to contact Chai Lifeline at 212-465-1300.

Keep in mind that lighting candles in a hospital room is strictly forbidden. Please call Rabbi Abraham Axelrud, the LIC hospital chaplain, at 718-470-8738, or Rev. Amy Kariker the Cohen's Childrens Hospital chaplain at 718 470-3664, to request that an electric leichter be brought to your room. Alternatively, there are battery-operated lights in the Bikur Cholim Room. 

For other Bikur Cholim questions or arrangements, please contact Rabbi Teitelman at 718-347-5819.

Family of patients at North Shore Hospital in Manhasset needing assistance should call its Jewish chaplain,Rabbi Daniel Coleman at 516-562-4011.


Davening Times

Weekday Times 1/28 - 2/3
   Shacharit-Su 8:10 am
   Shacharit - MTh 6:10 am
   Shacharit - TuWF 6:15 am
   Mincha/Maariv 4:55 pm
Shabbat Times
   Candle Lighting 4:56 pm
   Friday Mincha 5:00 pm
   Shacharit 8:45 am
   Latest Shema 9:00/9:36am
   Mincha 4:50 pm
   Shabbat Ends 6:00 pm

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